Oracle Inventory Question and answers

  1. When a Lot expires ,
    a) We cannot perform a sub Inventory transfer
    b) we cannot perform a Inter org Transfer
    c) We cannot pick that lot during Pick Confirm
    d) We cannot perform a Miscellaneous Issue
    Answer : c

  2. You need to load on-hand balances for go live. Which template should be used for this?

a) InventoryMiscellaneousTrxTemplate.xlsm

b) InventoryTransactionImportTemplate.xlsm

c) InventoryBalanceImportTTemplate.xlsm

d) InventoryOnHandBalanceTemplate.xlam

Answer :  b

  • In a Master org
    a) You cannot perform transactions
    b) You are not supposed to perform transactions
    c) Attributes cannot be changed
    d) Sub Inventories cannot be created.
    Answer : b

  • Which is true ?
    a) If an item is Serial Controlled…it cannot be Lot Controlled
    b) If an item is Lot Controlled…it cannot be Revision Controlled
    c) If an item is Revision Controlled…it cannot be Locator Controlled.
    d) An item can be Serial , Lot, Revision and Locator Controlled.
    answer : d

  • Inventory org is associated to
    a) Business unit
    b) Operating unit
    c) Chart Of Accounts
    d) Enterprise ( equivalent of Business Group )
    Answer : a

  • Movement Request is equivalent to
    a) Inter org transfers of E Biz
    b) Move Orders of E Biz
    c) Internal sales orders of E Biz
    d) Work orders of E Biz
    Answer : b

  • Which KFF is not there in Fusion
    a) Stock Locator KFF
    b) Account alias KFF
    c) Item KFF
    d) All of the above
    Answer : c

  • Org access feature is available in Fusion Inventory
    a) True
    b) False
    Answer : b

  • Which is true ?
    a) Fusion inventory has accounting periods
    b) Fusion Purchasing has accounting periods
    c) Fusion Order management has accounting periods
    d) Fusion GL has accounting periods
    Answer : d

  • Facility shifts , Work day Pattern and Schedules are equivalent to
    a) Inventory Org of E Biz
    b) Organization parameters of e Biz
    c) Accounting Information of E Biz
    d) Work Day calendars of E Biz
    Answer : d

  • Which Data Access is not required for Inventory transactions
    a) Receiving agent
    b) Warehouse Manager
    c) Life Cycle Phases
    d) Shipping Manager
    Answer : c

  • Catalogs in Fusion is equivalent to
    a) Categories in E Biz
    b) Category sets in E Biz
    c) Catalogs in E Biz
    d) None of the above
    Answer : b

  • An Item transaction can not be restricted to
    a) Sub Inventories
    b) Sub inventories and Locators
    c) Serial Numbers
    d) None of the above
    Answer : c

  • Which is true for Movement Requests
    a) MR cannot be sent to Planners for approvals
    b) MR can have hierarchy of approvers
    c) Source sub Inventory is mandatory while creating MR
    d) MR cannot be created for serial and Lot controlled items
    Answer : a

  • For a Pre-Defined Control Serial Numbers
    a) Serial Numbers cannot be generated during transactions
    b) Serial numbers must be created before transactions
    c) Serial numbers can be created before and during transactions
    d) Manual entry of serial numbers other than generated numbers is possible
    Answer : b

  • For Min Max at Org level Sourcing with sourcing as Inventory, the system creates
    a) Movement Requests
    b) Internal Sales orders
    c) Transfer orders
    d) Inter org Transfers
    Answer : c

  • Every sub Inventory can have
    a) A different Locator KFF Structure
    b) Only the same KFF structure for all sub inventories
    c) It can have only the three segmental ( Row, Rack and Bin ) Structure
    d) All of above
    Answer : a
  • Material Status Control usages are for
    a) Serial and Lot Control
    b) Sub Inventory Control
    c) Locator Control
    d) All of above
    Answer : d

  • Supply Chain orchestration will not be triggered for
    a) Inventory sourcing for Min max
    b) Supplier Sourcing for Min Max
    c) Sub Inventory Sourcing for Min Max
    d) None of above
    Answer : c

  • Cyclic Counting is performed for
    a) As a pre-requisite by an external auditor for auditing the Profit and Loss Statement
    b) Establishing Inventory Accuracy, periodically
    c) Pick and Ship Confirm the material
    d) Before Inter Org Transfer
    Answer : b

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