Lists of Job roles in Oracle Fusion

Hi friends ,you know the responsibility concept is not available in Oracle fusion. It is replaced by Role Based Access Control. I am going to mention here the lists of Job roles in Oracle Cloud from various offerings

Lists of Job Roles in Oracle Fusion

Application Implementation Consultant
Application Implementation Manager
Application Developer
Application Administrator

Product Manager
Product Data Steward
Product Design Manager
Product Portfolio Manager
Product Configurator Manager

Manufacturing Engineer
Production Supervisor
Production Operator
Inventory Manager
Quality Analyst
Quality Engineer

Cost Accountant
General Accountant
General Accounting Manager

Materials Planner
Supply Chain Planning Application Administrator
Supply Chain Planner
Demand Planner
Demand and Supply Planner
Supplier Demand Planner
Sales and Operations Planner
Supply Chain Collaboration Planner
Supply Chain Operations Manager
Supply Chain Integration Specialist
Supply Chain Controlle

Global Order Promising Administrator
Order Promising Manager
Production Scheduler
Replenishment Planner

Receiving Agent
Receiving Specialist

Pricing Administrator
Pricing Manager
Pricing Analyst

Order Promising Manager
Order Manager
Order Entry Specialist
Order Administrator
Order Orchestration Error Recovery Manager
Supply Chain Application Administrator
Global Order Promising Administrator

Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Operator
Shipping Manager

Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Manager

Human Capital Management Application Administrator
Human Capital Management Application Administrator Enterprise Set
Human Resource Manager
HCM Applic Admin – View All
Human Resource Analyst
Human Resource Specialist

View Requisition – All
Supplier Administrator
Supplier Manager
Procurement Application Administrator
Procurement Integration Specialist
Procurement Catalog Administrator
Procurement Contract Administrator
Procurement Manager
Procurement Requester
Category Manager
Procurement Preparer

Supplier User Job Roles
Supplier Administrator
Supplier Self Service Administrator
Supplier Demand Planner
Supplier Bidder
Supplier Self Service Clerk
Supplier Sales Representative
Supplier Customer Service Representative
Supplier Accounts Receivable Specialist
Supplier Bidder
Supplier Product Administrator
Supplier Inventory Manager

Sourcing Job Roles
Category Manager
Sourcing Project Collaborator

Supplier Qualification JobRoles
Supplier Qualification Administration
Supplier Qualification Viewing
Supplier Qualification Initiative Evaluation
Supplier Qualification Initiative Management
Supplier Qualification Management
Supplier Qualification Questionnaire Response Management as Internal

Accounts Payable Manager
Accounts Receivable Manager
Asset Manager
Billing Manager
Cash Manager
Collection Manager
Intercompany Accountant
Order Manager
Procurement Manager
Product Manager
Receiving Agent
Revenue Manager
Shipping Manager
Supplier Administrator
Tax Manager

You can review these Job roles and assign to user as per their Job responsibilities

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