Oracle fusion expenses -Frequently asked questions

1.  Can we use Fusion Expenses as standalone? What are pre-requisites modules required for implementing Oracle Fusion Expense? Yes. You can deploy Expenses as a stand-alone application if you perform the minimum required setup to enable Expenses in Oracle Fusion General Ledger, Oracle Fusion Payables, and Oracle Fusion Payments. If you need to capture tax, … Read more

What is Landed Cost Management in oracle fusion Cloud-LCM

Landed cost management or LCM capture additional costs associated with procuring materials.It helps in Estimating the total purchase costs in advance for better decisions. there can be user defined landed cost entities to capture actual landed cost invoice data For complete Oracle Fusion Cost management training video contact us here Why LCM is required Landed … Read more

Order Management basic flow in Oracle Fusion Cloud

In this Article we will see the Order management basic flow in Oracle Fusion Cloud Below diagram presents the overall order-to-cash flow. As a first step an order is created or captured in Oracle Order Management Cloud. The order is priced using Oracle Fusion Pricing. Products can be configured using Oracle Fusion Configurator. To help … Read more

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BPM Approval Process in Oracle Fusion Procurement

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

BPM Approval Process in Oracle fusion procurement is one of the key functionalities which every one need to know .This is required to configure your PO and PR document approval in a very flexible way Approval Tools in BPM Approval Process Below are the various approval tools which help in executing the Procurement approval process … Read more

How to Create AP Invoice from Image in Oracle Fusion| IDR Solution

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

Important Question.Can Invoices be created in Oracle Fusion Payable from Image Attributes? If answer is yes then how to create AP Invoice from Image or PDF Document or Scanned Copy the Invoice? Oracle fusion comes with IDR Solution or Intelligent Document recognition solution. The integrated invoice imaging solution which is part of Oracle Cloud functionality … Read more

Oracle fusion EPBCS Training

Course Contents Oracle fusion EPBCS or planning and budgeting cloud is a functionality provided in oracle fusion for finance and budget planning Reporting Process Key Issues Types Of Reports EPRCS Overview Combine Data & Narrative Collaborate Securely Confidently Report EPRCS Features Users & Roles Security Integration Creating Report Package in Oracle Fusion EPBCS Describe report … Read more

OIC Instance Access for practice -Oracle Integration Cloud Instance

OIC Instance Access for practice -Oracle Integration Cloud Instance is available on monthly basis for Practice purpose Along with OIC instance you can subscribe to our Oracle Cloud SAAS instance .Gettin both the instance for practice is the best way to start your integration test and execute inbound and outbound integration with Oracle fusion SAAS … Read more

How to configure salary adjustments in oracle Fusion HCM Compensation

Friends ,in this article we will see, how to configure salary adjustments in oracle Fusion HCM Compensation. It will provide understanding to set up, use, and report on salary components, which allows you toitemize salary adjustments into different types in oracle fusion First, you see how to set up salary components using the Manage Salary … Read more

Oracle fusion recruiting -How to create data model

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

In this article we will see how to create unsecured data models in oracle fusion recruiting to be used in requisition and offer approvals. Oracle fusion Recruiting Cloud customers can use approval requests for job requisitions or job offers. Business can decide and design how and to whom they can route job requisions or job … Read more

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