How to Create AP Invoice from Image in Oracle Fusion| IDR Solution

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

Important Question.Can Invoices be created in Oracle Fusion Payable from Image Attributes? If answer is yes then how to create AP Invoice from Image or PDF Document or Scanned Copy the Invoice? Oracle fusion comes with IDR Solution or Intelligent Document recognition solution. The integrated invoice imaging solution which is part of Oracle Cloud functionality … Read more

Oracle fusion recruiting -How to create data model

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

In this article we will see how to create unsecured data models in oracle fusion recruiting to be used in requisition and offer approvals. Oracle fusion Recruiting Cloud customers can use approval requests for job requisitions or job offers. Business can decide and design how and to whom they can route job requisions or job … Read more

How to create Prepayment Invoice in Oracle Cloud ERP

Prepayment in other words called Paying in Advance. In Oracle Cloud ERP why we make advance payment to supplier it is called Prepayment .Let us discuss how to create Prepayment Invoice in Oracle Cloud ERP and accounts payable module. Oracle Fusion Accounts payable offering has provided complete functionality to record supplier advance with prepayment Invoice … Read more

How to create Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP|PPM to Asset Flow

In oracle cloud Offering PPM is a important module. Many people wants to know -how to create Capital project in Oracle Cloud ERP. We will discuss here the complete list of steps for PPM to Asset flow. What is Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP Capital project are projects which involves huge capital investment. In … Read more

Oracle Fusion Time and labor

Contact for full training @affordable price Oracle Fusion Time and Labor Course Content- Repeating Time Periods Time Card Layout Components  Layout Sets  Manage HCM Groups Create Time card Components  Time Card Calculation Rule Templates  Time Card Calculation Rules Worker Time Entry Profile Time Processing Profile Loading of Timecards. User and Admin Activities Watch the … Read more

Payment Integration in Oracle Fusion

In Oracle fusion there are lot of option to make payment to Supplier .You can do payment Integration in oracle fusion with various third party tool to directly transmit payment instruction to your disbursement bank. In ERP Cloud, the fusion payables and payment modules has ability to process the payment electronically or with a check … Read more

Oracle Integration cloud service(OIC)-an overview

The concept of Cloud integration is a game changer in recent time. This comes with robust technology and tools to connect various other application and communicate with each other seamlessly. Oracle Integration cloud service or OIC fulfils the same purpose. This service helps in connecting various systems, repositories ,third party tools with Oracle fusion cloud … Read more

What is Controlled Budget Oracle Fusion PPM-R13

Controlled Budget is a Budget that is created in Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control to prevent overspending of Budgeted Amount In oracle Fusion Project if Budgetary Control is enabled ,Project manager can gain control over spending of Project Budget Control Budgets are automatically created when you create baseline versions of Project Budget if it is enabled … Read more

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