How to create Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP|PPM to Asset Flow

In oracle cloud Offering PPM is a important module. Many people wants to know -how to create Capital project in Oracle Cloud ERP. We will discuss here the complete list of steps for PPM to Asset flow. What is Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP Capital project are projects which involves huge capital investment. In … Read more

Project Unit in Oracle Fusion PPM-R13

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

Project Unit Organization is a new concept in Oracle Fusion.It is a additional control provided by Oracle cloud. If your organization is providing different kind of services and implementing project module,Project unit is used to control the project configuration based on the services. There is no implementation option in Oracle Fusion and that is why … Read more

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Project Resource Concept in Oracle Fusion PPM-R13

In Oracle Fusion PPM resources are very important component of a Project.While defining the resources we need to take care of three thing-Job Mapping,Resources Class and nonlabor resources JOB Mapping-Through Job Mapping we have to associate granular Human resource jobs to less detailed Project Job .These job can be used for project financial management For … Read more

What is Controlled Budget Oracle Fusion PPM-R13

Controlled Budget is a Budget that is created in Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control to prevent overspending of Budgeted Amount In oracle Fusion Project if Budgetary Control is enabled ,Project manager can gain control over spending of Project Budget Control Budgets are automatically created when you create baseline versions of Project Budget if it is enabled … Read more

Project Control In Oracle Cloud PPM-R13

Oracle Fusion Project control setup mainly used to Manage Project Plan,Progress,budgeting and forecasting. Two business process which are vital to project management are handled through Project Control Configuration Planning Project:Mainly focuses on Project scope,Schedule,Resources and budget Controlling Project:Capturing actual amounts and track progress,Generate forecasts and managing project Performance Setup Task for Project Control Configuration Manage … Read more

Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Course Content For complete Training Video Sessions pls contact or whatsapp 8917478413 Project Financial Management Product Overview  Oracle Project Portfolio Management Solution Project Costing Project Billing Project Control Project Management Task Management Project Financial Management Setup Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager Overview of Functional Setup Manager  Job Roles Implementation Project: Overview Creating Implementation … Read more

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