Project Control In Oracle Cloud PPM-R13

Oracle Fusion Project control setup mainly used to Manage Project Plan,Progress,budgeting and forecasting.

Two business process which are vital to project management are handled through Project Control Configuration

Planning Project:Mainly focuses on Project scope,Schedule,Resources and budget

Controlling Project:Capturing actual amounts and track progress,Generate forecasts and managing project Performance

Setup Task for Project Control Configuration

Manage Period Profile: this setup needed to decide how time periods are grouped and displayed when editing budgets,forecasts,and project plan cost

Manage Spread Curves:This setup is used to distribute quantity,cost and revenue amount automatically across a range of accounting or Project accounting periods

Manage Resource Classes Spread Curves: It is used to review and update resource classes to specify the spread curve to be used

Manage Financial Plan Type: This setup decides how to control planning scenarios for Project budgeting and forecasting

Manage Project Plan Type:here we provide the default planning option that actually cascade down to the template and project levels

will explain all the above setup in details in my next post.Stay tuned

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