Order Management basic flow in Oracle Fusion Cloud

In this Article we will see the Order management basic flow in Oracle Fusion Cloud Below diagram presents the overall order-to-cash flow. As a first step an order is created or captured in Oracle Order Management Cloud. The order is priced using Oracle Fusion Pricing. Products can be configured using Oracle Fusion Configurator. To help … Read more

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BPM Approval Process in Oracle Fusion Procurement

Oracle fusion Invoice imaging

BPM Approval Process in Oracle fusion procurement is one of the key functionalities which every one need to know .This is required to configure your PO and PR document approval in a very flexible way Approval Tools in BPM Approval Process Below are the various approval tools which help in executing the Procurement approval process … Read more

Oracle Order Management Questions and Answers

Which one below is not part of setting Transaction typesA) Create a Transaction type in order lookup ORA DOO ORDER TYPEB) Assign the above TT in Process Assignment rules for Sales Orders to a DOO.C) Set the Sourcing RulesD) Place the TT in Sales ordersAnswer : C Line level transaction types progresses the sales orders … Read more

Oracle Fusion/Cloud Manufacturing Training

Course Content For Complete Training sessions @best price pls Contact job.mytechnojournal@gmail.com whatsapp@8917478413 Introduction Manufacturing Capabilities Integrations with Other Modules Business Process Plan To Produce (In-House) Make To Stock Configure Item (Make) Outside Processing Manufacturing Setups: SCM Quick Setups OSN Setups Create Item Structure Plant Setps Enable Manufacturing Offering Define Plant Parameters Enable Plant Data Access … Read more

Oracle Fusion R13 SCM-Training

Course content Please contact job.mytechnojournal@gmail.com or 8917478413 to get the end to end Video sessions @best price Modules: ============= Fusion Product Management Fusion Material Management Fusion Procurement Fusion SSP (Self Service Procurement) Fusion Sourcing Fusion Supplier Portal Fusion Supplier Qualification Fusion Order Management (DOO ) Fusion Pricing (DOO) Fusin Cost Accounting Fusion Receipt Accounting Basics … Read more


Oracle Fusion Planning Central business flows. Process data collection, demand planning, inventory planning, and supply planning. If you choose Demand and Supply as the plan type, Demand planning, Inventory planning and Supply planning can be a single step. Automate the entire sequence of planning processes or run a subset of the processes. Analyze and adjust … Read more

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