Order Management Flow in Oracle Fusion

Order Management is a Module in Oracle fusion supply chain management application .This module is integrated with Oracle Fusion Inventory management and Financial modules and helps in order fulfillment for your business processes.

With predefined integrations and centrally managed order orchestration process and global availability, it effectively handles the global order fulfillment and monitoring. This helps in increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

Mandatory Role of OM in Oracle Fusion

  1. Order Entry Specialist (BU)
  2. Order Administrator (Reference data set) — (Common Set – Select common set in vision operation )
  3. Order Manager (BU)
  4. Shipping Agent (INV)
  5. Shipping Manager (INV)
  6. Pricing Administrator (BU)
  7. Pricing Manager (BU)
  8. Pricing Analyst (BU)
  9. Accounts Receivables Manager (BU)
  10. Accounts Receivables Specialist (BU)
  11. Revenue Manager (BU)
  12. Revenue Analyst (BU)

Oracle Fusion O2C Life cycle process flow

Order Management flow in oracle fusion
Order Management flow in oracle fusion

Steps for Oracle Fusion Order To Cash Cycle

  1. Create Sales Order (DOO)
  2. Create Pick wave (Shipping)
  3. Create Pick Confirm (Shipping)
  4. Create Ship Confirm (Shipping)
  5. Create AR Invoice (AR)
  6. Create AR Receipt (AR)
  7. Generate Journals (AR)
  8. Post the Journal to General Ledger (GL)
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