Lists of Job roles in Oracle Fusion

Hi friends ,you know the responsibility concept is not available in Oracle fusion. It is replaced by Role Based Access Control. I am going to mention here the lists of Job roles in Oracle Cloud from various offerings Lists of Job Roles in Oracle Fusion Application Implementation ConsultantApplication Implementation ManagerApplication DeveloperApplication AdministratorEmployee Product ManagerProduct Data … Read more

Rapid implementation in Oracle Fusion-How to create

Oracle fusion provides option to create rapid implementation for financial, SCM and some other modules .Some of the basic setup you can perform very quickly with the help of predefined spreadsheet template in Oracle fusion today we will discuss how we can perform Rapid implementation in oracle fusion financial With Rapid implementation functionality you can … Read more


Oracle Fusion Planning Central business flows. Process data collection, demand planning, inventory planning, and supply planning. If you choose Demand and Supply as the plan type, Demand planning, Inventory planning and Supply planning can be a single step. Automate the entire sequence of planning processes or run a subset of the processes. Analyze and adjust … Read more

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