Oracle Fusion R13 SCM-Training

Course content

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Fusion Product Management
Fusion Material Management
Fusion Procurement
Fusion SSP (Self Service Procurement)
Fusion Sourcing
Fusion Supplier Portal
Fusion Supplier Qualification
Fusion Order Management (DOO )

Fusion Pricing (DOO)

Fusin Cost Accounting
Fusion Receipt Accounting
Basics of GL, AP, AR


Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)

Data Migration

Introduction to BI And OTBI Reports

Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)

  1. Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
  2. EBS Setup VS Fusion FSP
  3. Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM
  4. Understanding Offerings
  5. Understanding Options
  6. Enabling Offerings
  7. Implementation Project Creation
  8. Task Assignments to Team Members
  9. Status Tracking
  10. Understating Task Lists/Tasks

Security Console

  1. Users Creation
  2. Role Provisioning
  3. Overview on Oracle Delivered Roles
  4. Role Customization

Enterprise Structure Definition

  1. COA Creation
  2. Ledger Creation
  3. Legal Entity
  4. Business Unit Creation
  5. Inventory Org Creation
  6. Roles Provision to Corresponding Entity
  7. Enterprise Structure Configurator
  8. Rapid Implementation

Oracle Fusion Inventory

  • INV Setups
  • Location Creation
  • Manage Facility Shifts
  • Manage Facility Workday Patterns
  • Manage Facility Schedules
  • Master Org Creation
  • Item org creation
  • Life Cycle Phase
  • Item class – Function Security and Data Security
  • Template Creation
  • Item Creation & Assignment
  • UOM And UOM Class Creation
  • Item Catalogs
  • Item Categories
  • Asset Item and Expense Item
  • Asset and Expense Sub Inventories
  • Sub Inventory features like nettable, Depreciable, Quantity tracked
  • Item Defining Attributes
  • Status Attributes
  • Attribute groups
  • Status codes
  • Item Types
  • Item Relationships
  • Inventory Material Transfers
  • Miscellaneous Receipt
  • Miscellaneous Issue
  • Review completed Transactions
  • Review OHQ
  • Transaction Source Creation
  • Transaction Types Creation
  • Account alias Transfer
  • Sub Inventory Transfers
  • Picking Rules
  • Movement Requests
  • Item Transaction Defaults
  • Inter Org Transfers – direct
  • Inter Org Transfers – In transit
  • Inventory Controls
  • Serial Control
  • Lot Control
  • Org Controlled and Master Controlled attributes
  • Revision Control
  • Locator Control
  • Material Status Control
  • Locator Restriction
  • Sub Inventory Restriction
  • Inventory Replenishments:
  • Min Max Setup for Org Level sourcing
  • Min Max Planning for Supplier Sourcing
  • Min max Planning for sub Inventory sourcing
  • Transfer Order
  • Inventory Accuracy Methods
  • ABC Analysis
  • Cyclic Counting
  • Physical inventory

Oracle Fusion Procurement

  • Supplier Configuration Setups
  • Configuring Common Options for Payables and Procurement
  • Configuring Procurement Business Function
  • Configuring Requisitioning Business Function
  • Requisition Related Configurations/Setups
  • Purchasing Related Configuration/Setups
  • Receipt Related Configuration/Setups
  • Define Approval Management for Requisitions
  • Define Approval Management for Purchase Orders
  • Define Approval Management for Change Orders
  • Supplier Model

Setting up Supplier Number

Defining Supplier Type Lookup

Creating Lookup for Tax Organization Type

Defining Supplier Value sets

Creating Supplier Descriptive Flexfields

Setup New Certifying Agencies

Configure Supplier Notifications

Creating Prospective Supplier

Prospective Supplier Life Cycle

Creating Spend Authorized Supplier

Converting Prospective to Spend Authorized Supplier

Supplier Approval Management

Configure Supplier Registration and Profile Change Request

Configure New Supplier Notification

  • Configuration for Procurement Transaction Accounting (TAB)

Manage Transaction Account Types

Create Account Rules for Accrual Account

Create Account Rules for Charge Account

Create Account Rules for Destination Charge Account

Create Account Rules for Destination Variance Account

Create Account Rules for Variance Account

Manage Mapping Sets

Create Transaction Account Definitions

Assign Transaction Account Definitions to Subledger Accounting

  • Procurement Transactions

Creating Requisitions

            New Supplier

            One Time Address

            Unguent and Emergency PO

            Update Preparer And Requestor Functionality

Requisition Document History

Requisition Line Life Cycle

Misc. Requisition Topics

Creating Purchase Orders

            Discussion On Dashboards

            Document Styles Creation

            Procurement Agents Creation

            Process Requisitions

            Buyer Assignment Rules

            Creating Purchase Orders

Approving Purchase Orders

Amending Purchase Orders

Creating Blanket Purchase Agreements

Creating Contract Purchase Agreements

Change Order Process

Retroactive Pricing Process

  • Creating Receipts

Receipt Routings (Direct, Standard and Inspection Required)

Unorder receipts

Blind Receiving

  • Consigned Agreement/Inventory Process
  • ASL (Approved Supplier List)
  • Pay On Receipt
  • Pay On Use
  • Purchasing Administration Tasks
  • Buyer Assignment Rules
  • Buyer Transportation Management
  • Collaborate messages ( B2B )

Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal

  • Online Supplier Registration
  • Supplier User Creation and Roles Provision
  • Supplier Portal Related Transactions

Oracle Fusion SSP

  • Setup Self Service Procurement Profile Options
  • Create Catalog Category Hierarchy
  • Local Catalogs
  • Punch Out Catalog
  • Creating Smart Form
  • Create Information Template Descriptive Flexfields
  • Define Information Template Value Sets
  • Define Information Template Content Zones
  • Content Zone Security
  • Non-Catalog Request
  • SPP Transactions

Oracle Fusion Sourcing

  • Create Negotiation Styles
  • Create Negotiation Templates
  • Setup Attribute Lists
  • Define Cost Factors
  • Create Cost Factor Lists
  • Manage Sourcing Value sets
  • Create Sourcing Descriptive Flexfields
  • RFI Creation
  • RFQ Creation
  • Award Process
  • Sourcing Approvals
  • Surrogate Responses
  • Online Messages
  • Alternate Bidding
  • 2 Stage RFQ
  • Negotiation Abstract
  • Team Scoring

Oracle Fusion Supplier Qualification

  • Introduction to Supplier Qualification
  • SQM Setups
  • Create Questions
  • Create Question Areas
  • Create Question Models
  • Create Initiative

Fusion Order Management

  • Over View on Fusion O2C Process
  • Create and Submit Order
  • View Fulfillment Lines and Orchestration Plan
  • Order Business Flow
  • Order Management Integrations
  • Order Orchestration Overview
  • OM Roles
  • Order Management Setups
  • Pricing
  • Setup Pricing Strategy
  • Pricing segment
  • Manage Price List
  • Manage Discount List
  • Manage Simple Discount
  • Manage Tier Based Discounts
  • Manage Shipping Charges List
  • Assignment pricing strategy
  • Define Global Price List
  • Global Order Promising (GOP)
  • Architecture and Components
  • Key functionalities of Global Order Promising
  • Global Sourcing Rules
  • Local Sourcing Rules
  • ATP Rules
  • Data Collection
  • Global Order Promising Engine Restart
  • Real-Time Supply Updates
  • Shipping Setups
  • Manage Shipping Value Sets
  • Manage Shipping Lookups
  • Manage Release Sequence Rules
  • Manage Pick Slip Grouping Rules
  • Manage Picking Rules
  • Manage Shipping Parameters
  • Manage Ship Confirm Rules
  • Manage Shipping Cost Types
  • Manage Transportation Schedules
  • Shipping and Receiving Calendars
  • Shipping Parameter
  • Customer & Site/Address Creation
  • Standard SO Cycle
  • Ship Only Sales Order
  • RMA Process
  • Manage Order Holds.
  • Create Custom Hold Type and Reasons
  • Apply and Release Holds
  • Verify Hold Details
  • Manage Processing Constraints
  • Create Record Set
  • Create Validation Rule Set
  • Create Constraints
  • Manage Pretransformation Rules for Sales Orders
  • Manage Product Transformation Rule
  1. Shipping process flow
  2. Pick release process flow
  3. Ship confirm process flow
  4. Credit Check Hold Functionality (R13)
  5. OM Approvals (R13)
  1. Advanced Supply Chain and Fulfillment Process
  1. Overview of Supply Chain Orchestration
  • Supply Chain Orchestration Overview
  • Supply Chain Orchestration Business Processes Flows
  1. Tracking Supply Orders in Supply Chain Orchestration
  • Track progress of supply creation in Supply Chain Orchestration (SCO)
  • Resubmit stuck orders
  1. Back-to-Back Supply Creation and Fulfillment
  • Back-to-Back Process
  • Back-to-Back Fulfillment of Standard Items
  • Back-to-Back Fulfillment: Buy
  • Back-to-Back Fulfillment: Make
  • Back-to-Back Fulfillment: Transfer

112.                      Drop Ship SO


  • Overview of drop ship
  • Drop ship required components
  • Drop ship integration points
  • Drop ship change processing

113.                      Internal Material Transfers

  • Overview of internal material transfer
  • Internal material transfer process flow

114.                      Consigned Inventory

  • Overview of consigned inventory
  • Consignment agreement
  • Consignment order
  • Supplier site setup
  • Purchasing setup
  • Consigned inventory receipt
  • Consigned inventory tracking and availability
  • Consumption transactions
  • Consumption advice
  • Consigned inventory in Supplier Portal
  • Consumption advice payables matching

Oracle Fusion Cost Management

  1. Manage Costing Key Flexfields
  2. Manage Cost Organizations
  3. Manage Cost Organization Data Access for Users
  4. Manage Cost Books
  5. Manage Cost Organization Relationships
  6. Manage Cost Elements
  7. Manage Cost Components
  8. Manage Default Cost Profiles
  9. Manage Valuation Units

Oracle Fusion Receipt Accounting

  1. Introduction to Receipt Accounting
  2. Receipt Account Capabilities
  3. P2P Receipt Accounting Flow
  4. Accrue At Period End Accounting Process

Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)

  1. Approval Groups Creation
  2. Approval Rule Definitions

Payables Basic Setups

  1. Commons Options for Payables and Procurement
  2. Invoice Options Configuration
  3. Payment Options Configuration
  4. Create Distribution Sets
  5. Create Banks and Bank Accounts
  6. Create Payables Documents
  7. Create Payment Process Profile
  8. Assigning Data Roles to User
  9. Open AP Periods
  10. Create Invoice and Validate
  11. Create Accounting for Invoice and Post to GL
  12. Create Payments and Validate
  13. Create Accounting for Payments and Post to GL
  14. Review Journal Accounting Information

GL Basic:

  1. Open Periods
  2. Create Journals
  3. Post Journals
  4. Review Journal Accounting Information

Fusion P2P Cycle

Fusion O2C Cycle

Technical Topics Basics:

  1. OTBI Reports
  2. OBI Reports
  3. Data Migration à File Based Data Upload

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