Oracle Fusion Cloud Instance and OIC Instance Access

Oracle Cloud fusion instance access is provided @ best price Contact 9160012666 or for details

Oracle Fusion ERP is now the trending technology. Professional who wants to upgrate with Oracle Cloud ERP can get very good career opportunity in IT field.

We are providing the latest version of Oracle Fusion /cloud instance access in reasonable price.

Term and Conditions

  • Access is provided for all the functional module in Oracle Fusion Cloud Instance. It can be used for Financials, Supply Chain, Human Capital ,Manufacturing, Project portfolio Management, Procurement etc
  • For back end SQL query you can execute query in Report and analytics. Please check the below link here to know how to perform SQL Query in Oracle fusion cloud data base
  • Vision Instance will be refreshed monthly twice .Refresh date will be informed in advance so that user can complete the pending activity before refresh
  • Oracle may Schedules for maintenance and refresh are some times happened without prior information from Oracle.
  • In case instance is down or slow for more than 2 days in a week, such excess downtime will be added free to your subscription towards the end.
  • Sometimes Instance can become slow due to some processes running or load on server. In such case, you can wait for some time and try again.
  • Instances will be shared within 20 to 30 min after the payment confirmation
  • Usually Instances are provided to student and person who can’t afford directly purchasing this from Oracle. Main purpose here is to provide oracle fusion instance at affordable price .
  • If you need bulk users for conducting training we will provide instance with special pricing .Please contact us for more details
  • The Demo fusion cloud Instance is only for Self Study and demo practice ,training, Client Demo and doing R&D. It is not used for any business critical work.
  • Once you get the subscription please do not share Credentials with any other people to maintain the performance and stability of the Oracle Cloud Instance
  • You can Create Users, Assign Roles and Create Implementation Projects in Oracle vision demo instance as you need for your testing. But please avoid creating too many implementation projects and users. Check here how to create a user and how to assign roles in oracle fusion cloud instances
  • Basic training guide like (Like Concepts, Navigations, Processes) is available in our YouTube channel to start working in oracle fusion instances. Please check and subscribe our YouTube channel to follow these video trainings if you are new to oracle fusion cloud instance
  • Access to Instance does not grant ownership licenses to the instance. You are allowed to use/setup/configure the instance on rental / rent / subscription.
  • A Vision or Test Instance will be provided as per your requirement .
  • The Instances are owned, deployed and maintained by Oracle Corp on their server (cloud)

we are maintaining two kind of cloud servers

1.Oracle Fusion Cloud vision demo instance/Server

Vision demo instances are pre loaded with vision sample data and configuration .

So anybody who needs vision instance can use these data for reference and can configure his own module. Vision demo instances are scheduled to be refreshed any time from Oracle side without notice .Minimum refresh schedule can be 2 to 4 times in a Month. The price for vision demo instance is Rs 1200 with in India and 20 USD for users outside India.

With vision server user can create a configuration and setup a organization quickly by using vision data

Support is provided 24/7 and any server down or log in failed are supported instantly once communicated to the support team

2.Oracle Fusion Cloud Test demo Instance/Server

Cloud test instances are comparatively stable instance .

They are not pre loaded with vision data but with test data and configuration .They are scheduled to be refreshed once in 3 to 6 months.

Test server is useful for peple who are practicing and on training and don,t want to loose their configuration for long run .

New Log in details will be provided once the instance is refreshed . The price for vision demo instance is Rs 1400 with in India and 25 USD for users outside India .

Any body who wants help in training, design and documentation in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP can contact US.

We are providing detailed ,compact, updated real time scenario based training in oracle Fusion

Both the instances are provided monthly ,Quarterly ,biannually and annual basis

3.Instance acces features

Security Console (only for vision instance)

Application Implementation Consultant

Oracle Fusion Finance

Oracle Fusion SCM

Oracle Fusion HCM

Oracle Fusion PPM

Oracle Fusion Planning Central

All other fusion Cloud module

4.Oracle Integration Cloud Instance(OIC Instance)

We are providing the Oracle Cloud Integration instance(OIC) for practice Integration

The Price is Rs 2000 in India

The Price is 30 USD outside India

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  1. Hi There.
    what is the process of getting access to t the instance and also will it come with the quarterly updates and also will i have full admin access ?

  2. Good Day.
    my instance access is not working, just a few days after making the payment to get access to it.

  3. I would like to have the access of Fusion instance. Please let me know more info on how to get the access

  4. Hi,

    I’m very much interested accessing your Oracle Fusion Vision Instance.

    Pls forward me the details.

    Much appreciated.

  5. I am looking for Oracle fusion vision instance access. Would you be able to send me Information on what you currently provide. Thank you

    • quarterly charge for vision instance is 50 USD
      For more details you can ping @9160012666 in whatsapp

  6. Hi,
    I need access for Oracle Fusion Vision Instance.
    Please send me information about it.
    Thank You.

    • quarterly charge for vision instance is 45 USD
      For more details you can ping @9160012666 in whatsapp

  7. I am looking for Oracle fusion vision instance access. Would you be able to send me Information on what you currently provide. Thank you

    • Hi Anil
      quarterly charge for vision instance is 45 USD
      For more details you can ping @9160012666 in whatsapp

  8. Am looking for Oracle fusion vision instance access to practice. Would you be able to send me Information on what you currently provide and duration of access. Thank you

    • Hi Quarterly charge for fusion instance access is 50 USD
      You can ping @9160012666 in whatsapp for any query

    • Hi the quarterly charge for the access is 50 USD
      I have sent you a mail on this
      for any query you can ping @9160012666

  9. I tried contacting you via email but it looks like it isn’t valid. Please let me know where to send email?

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