How to create Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP|PPM to Asset Flow

In oracle cloud Offering PPM is a important module. Many people wants to know -how to create Capital project in Oracle Cloud ERP. We will discuss here the complete list of steps for PPM to Asset flow.

What is Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP

Capital project are projects which involves huge capital investment. In Oracle Fusion Cloud PPM we can create a capital project and add CIP Asset lines to the projects. Once the Asset is in built stage we can capitalize the Asset in Oracle Fusion PPM and provide a date place in service in Asset line .We can move the information to Asset module and generate a asset number after the asset is posted in Oracle fusionFixed asset workbench.

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We can also sent back the Asset information to Oracle Cloud PPM with the seeded integration Program from FA to PA

Let us see the complete lists of stets to perform the PPM to FA Flow

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Steps to perform PPM to FA Flow in Oracle Cloud ERP

1Complete the required setup setup if FA module 
2Complete the required setup setup in PA module 
3Create a capital project
4Create Capital Asset for Capital project in PA
5Collect cost against this Project
6Import and process cost to the Project
7Go to manage Project cost to review the cost imported in to the project
8Post the transaction to ledger
9Review Accounting 
 CIP Cost dr
 CIP Clearing cr
10Decide if you want to assign cost at Project Level or specific Task level
 Common coST
 Specific Cost
11Assign Asset to the Task or Project
12Change the Project Asset type from estimated to As-Build
13Update the date place in service
14Generate Asset line
15Run update project performance program
17Review Project Performance
18Transfer Asset Line to Fixed Asset Module
19Review the asset created in FA module
20Post the asset in Oracle FA
21Tieback the Asset info to PA module


Please follow the above steps and try to execute the end to end flow in oracle cloud ERP. Any questions or doubt pls comment in comment section.

Click here to see the complete video on PPM to FA flow

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