Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Course Content

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Project Financial Management

Product Overview
 Oracle Project Portfolio Management Solution
Project Costing
Project Billing
Project Control
Project Management
Task Management
Project Financial Management Setup
Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager
Overview of Functional Setup Manager
 Job Roles
Implementation Project: Overview
Creating Implementation Users
Assigning Tasks
 Setting Up Data Export and Import: Overview
Defining Project Organizations
Configuring Business Units for Project Financial Management
Defining Project Organizations and Project Units
 Managing Project Organization Classifications and Hierarchies
Configuring Reference Data
Defining Project Foundation Configuration
 Defining Project Calendars and Periods
Defining Types and Categories
Managing Oracle Social Network Objects
 Managing Project Roles
Defining Project Resources
Defining Project Resource Breakdown Structures
Defining Burdening
Defining Project Control Configuration
Overview of Project Control Configuration
Managing Project Plan Types
Managing Financial Plan Types
Defining Integration with Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control
Defining Project Costing Configuration
Defining General Costing Set Up
 Defining Capital Projects
Integrating Oracle Fusion Project Costing with Other Fusion Applications
Defining Project Billing Configuration
Overview of Oracle Fusion Project Billing
Defining Oracle Fusion Enterprise Contracts Configuration
Defining Oracle Fusion Project Billing Configuration
Defining Project Templates
Project Templates Overview
 Setting Up Tasks and Task Lists
Defining Template Creation Method
Defining Template Details
Defining Quick Entry Fields
Defining Project Options
Defining Financial Options
Defining Reporting Options
Defining Approval and Workflow Management
Overview of Managing Approvals and Workflows
Managing Task Configurations for Project Financial Management
Project Financial Management – Process
Create Project from Template
Create Project from Another Project
Enable Project for Financial Management
Manage Financial Project Plan
Manage Project Integrations
Manage Project Budget
Track Financial Project Progress
Manage Project Sets
Expenditure Items
Import and Process Cost Transactions
Process Commitment Transactions
Manage Unprocessed Transactions
Manage Expenditure Items
Review Cost Distributions
Review Commitment Transactions
Manage Rate Schedules
Expenditure Batch Actions
Create Labor Expenditure Batch
Create Nonlabor Expenditure Batch
Create Labor Expenditure Batch for Third-Party Applications
Create Nonlabor Expenditure Batch for Third-Party Applications
Create Costed or Accounted Expenditure Batch for Third-Party Applications
Manage Unreleased Expenditure Batches
Generate Allocations
Manage Allocations
Manage Allocation Rules
Burden Expenditure Items
Generate Burden Transactions
Manage Burden Schedules
Project Assets
Manage Capital Projects
Generate Asset Lines
Transfer Assets to Oracle Fusion Assets
Update Assets Information from Oracle Fusion Assets
Create Assets in Spreadsheet
Contract Project
Manage Contracts
Manage Revenue
Manage Billing
Create Adjustment Journal
Review Journal Entries
Post Journal Entries to General Ledger
Sweep Transaction Accounting Events
Create Accounting
Manage Project Accounting Periods
Manage Accounting Periods
Account Analysis Report
Journal Entries Report
Subledger Period Close Exceptions Report
Accounting Period Close Exceptions Report
Project Accounting Period Close Exceptions Report
PA Integration with Other Applications (PO-PA, AP-PA, PA-FA, PA-AR)

Project Execution Management

Project Execution Management Overview
 Project Management
Task Management
Project Execution Management Setup
Defining Common Project Execution Options
Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) Overview
Defining Common Project Execution Options
Project Implementation Administrator
User Provisioning
Project Management Roles
Defining Project  Calendars
Creating Project Enterprise Resources
Defining Project Management Configuration
Managing the Project Plan
Managing Projects
Managing Work Plan Templates
Managing Work for Team Members
Defining Project Management Implementation Options
Managing Deliverables
Collaborate with the Project Team Using Oracle Social Network (OSN)
Project Execution Management – Process
Project Management
Define Project
Define Project Tasks & Schedule
Define Milestones & Deliverables
Execute Project Tasks & Deliverables
Track Project Progress
Manage Project Changes
Manage Project Issues
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