Oracle Fusion end to end tax Module training-R13

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Course content

NoFusion Tax Course Content
2Manage Tax Regime
3ManageTax Code 
4Manage Tax Status
5Manage Tax Jurisdiction
6Understanding Tax Rates
7Manage Legal Entity Tax Profile
8Manage Business Unit Tax Profile
9Manage Legal Reporting Unit Tax Profile
10Manage Tax Registration for Legal Entity
11Manage Tax Registration for Third Party Site-Customer
12Manage legal Jurisdiction
13Manage Product Fiscal Classification
14Manage Tax Zone Type
15Manage Tax Rule
16Manage Tax Determination Factor
17Manage Tax Condition
18Tax Applicability Rule
19Tax Rate Rule
20Manage Customer for different Scenario
21Understanding Tax Scenario
22Domestic Tax with Goods and service
23Intra Community Tax Good
24Intra Comminity Tax Service 
25Export Tax  Good
26Export Tax Service 
27Domestic Tax with  service when ship to is blank
28Intra Community Tax for Service  when Ship to location is blank
29Export Tax for service when Ship to Location is Blank
30Specil Rate  7.7% for specific  country
31Intra Community Tax is 19% if the customer is not registered 
32For specific Product Category tax Rate is 7%
33Creating Tax Ruled for different event class
34Important setup checklist
35User Role assignment and Data Access
36Business Unit Set Assignment 
37Manage Simulation engine
38Manage AR Transaction
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