How to create Prepayment Invoice in Oracle Cloud ERP

Prepayment in other words called Paying in Advance. In Oracle Cloud ERP why we make advance payment to supplier it is called Prepayment .Let us discuss how to create Prepayment Invoice in Oracle Cloud ERP and accounts payable module. Oracle Fusion Accounts payable offering has provided complete functionality to record supplier advance with prepayment Invoice … Read more

How to create Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP|PPM to Asset Flow

In oracle cloud Offering PPM is a important module. Many people wants to know -how to create Capital project in Oracle Cloud ERP. We will discuss here the complete list of steps for PPM to Asset flow. What is Capital Project in Oracle Cloud ERP Capital project are projects which involves huge capital investment. In … Read more

How to Process Employee Expenses in Oracle Fusion

People always ask how to Process employee expenses in Oracle fusion ? How it works? What is the flow for employee expense to reimbursement? Simple process flow is Enter>Approve>Audit>Reimburse Check the complete Video Tutorial here for Process Employee Expenses Let us discuss with a Scenario Employee of Tata Motor works in India Location with India … Read more

How to Close AR Period in Oracle Cloud ERP

Oracle fusion Receivable module deals with customer transaction, receipt, and receivable activities .So before close period for receivable module in Oracle Cloud ERP, you need to reconcile all the transactions within AR as well as with General ledger module. I will try to cover each and every steps required to reconcile and close the AR … Read more

Period Close Process in Oracle Fusion

Period close process in Oracle Cloud ERP is a challenging job. There are multiple Oracle fusion modules like Finance, Procurement, Inventory and project accountings integrated with with each other. Continuous data flow is happening among them in oracle fusion. So before closing the period for any specific module we need to understand the dependency of … Read more

Payment Integration in Oracle Fusion

In Oracle fusion there are lot of option to make payment to Supplier .You can do payment Integration in oracle fusion with various third party tool to directly transmit payment instruction to your disbursement bank. In ERP Cloud, the fusion payables and payment modules has ability to process the payment electronically or with a check … Read more

Oracle Integration cloud service(OIC)-an overview

The concept of Cloud integration is a game changer in recent time. This comes with robust technology and tools to connect various other application and communicate with each other seamlessly. Oracle Integration cloud service or OIC fulfils the same purpose. This service helps in connecting various systems, repositories ,third party tools with Oracle fusion cloud … Read more

Rapid implementation in Oracle Fusion-How to create

Oracle fusion provides option to create rapid implementation for financial, SCM and some other modules .Some of the basic setup you can perform very quickly with the help of predefined spreadsheet template in Oracle fusion today we will discuss how we can perform Rapid implementation in oracle fusion financial With Rapid implementation functionality you can … Read more

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